Rockin' the Pink Suit

My daughter graduated from 5th grade last week. Now it’s on to middle school.

She wanted to show her flair by sporting a pink suit for the ceremony. Her friends and teachers noted that she “rocked the pink suit.” Watching her interact with all these people it was clear to see the enthusiasm people have for her, and the enthusiasm she has for them.

But elementary school wasn’t all roses. After having kindergarten in Massachusetts, she started first grade in a new state halfway across the country. Then covid shortened first grade. Second grade was online. She dealt with bullies and aggressive behavior – the ten-minute bus ride home got so bad we had to have the school intervene. Her favorite teacher announced her retirement.

At the graduation ceremony, they played a slideshow. My daughter appeared in a few of the photos smiling and surrounded by friends. Despite the hardships she’s faced, there’s still so much to love about her time in elementary school and so much good that she can take from it.

Knowing her, she’ll look for any excuse to rock the pink suit.

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