Voiceover...is Never the Same

Voiceover…is never the same from year to year.

Last year at this time, I was deep into working on an audiobook after being hired directly by the author. It was a fun, if time-consuming, challenge. Total length of recording - 04:02:00.

This year, I started out recording a couple of ten-second streaming spots. Total length of recording - :20.

That’s right: a difference of four hours, one minute and forty seconds*.

What should I do with the extra time?

*To clarify: that’s only recorded time. Producing audio is more involved than the finished product. For example an audiobook requires time to read through the book, record the book, listen back to the book, make necessary edits, and then listen one more time, while even a ten-second spot involves time to read the copy, listen to client feedback, and then maybe speed up a subsequent read to fit it into the allotted time.

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