Medical Narration: Daunting or Invigorating?

Medical narration can be either daunting or invigorating…depending on how you view it. 

Daunting…because it’s often filled with words you’ve never heard and, therefore, don’t use every day, and need help to pronounce. Be honest, how often to you drop quenokinosiphinisus into casual conversation? Never, because I just made that up, which is how medical narration can feel.

Invigorating…because you get to learn how to pronounce a whole bunch of complicated new words, which makes you sound smart! So now, quenokinosiphonisus rolls off your tongue like a real word that you actually know how and when to use. Again, that is not a real word, but if you drop it into casual conversation who would know?

When you approach medical narration with the idea that it’s invigorating, the read will be less tight, and the client will be happier with the end result.  

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