The Cheeseburger Mindset

Does your business have what I call a “Cheeseburger Mindset?”

In other words: are you listening to your customers?

Some background: my kids like burgers, but don’t like cheeseburgers. Every time they order a burger, we emphasize that they only want a plain burger with NO CHEESE. All too often they’ll be served a cheeseburger, which means that either the server or the cook was not paying attention. So, we have to send it back and wait for another burger…

In these situations, cheeseburger is a menu item, while hamburger is a special order. The “Cheeseburger Mindset” is when a business does not pay attention to detail; it’s a system set up to process volume and not look for things out of the ordinary. After all, how many people don’t want cheese on a burger? The number has to be pretty small, right? (Yes, I get that my kids are unusual in this regard).

So, does your business have a “Cheeseburger Mindset” or are you paying attention to your customers?

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