Who Wants to Make a Negative Association?

In the voiceover world almost everyone describes their voice with positive terms like "friendly," "relatable,” or “down-to-earth.” Even a word like “gritty” or a phrase like “gravelly-sound” can evoke a positive association – just picture a truck commercial and the voice you’d associate with it.

Even my tagline is “A Voice to Spend Time With.”

If I wanted to be different, I could have gone with: “A Voice to Grit Your Teeth to.” So, why not (besides the fact that it’s not true)? For the same reason no one markets their voice as “angry,” “unhinged,” or “the voice of the creep next door.”

We all want to be remembered positively when clients go to choose a voice for their project, and the positive phrases allow them to picture us telling a better story

Warm, friendly, professional voice talent specializing in corporate narration, explainer videos, and e-learning. Most projects are turned around within 24 hours from my studio. 






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