Are You Consistent With Your Presentation?

Trust is critical. Sometimes that trust is as simple as presenting a consistent brand.

Today, as I often do, I was looking for companies that could use my services as a voice talent.

I came across a video production agency and went to its website. A chat window popped up and the chatbot welcomed me with the name of a different video production agency than the website I was on. I stepped away from my laptop for a while and when I came back, the chat window now welcomed me to a third video production agency.

Huh? Who were they?

I decided not to reach out to them. There were other factors in this decision, but presenting itself as three different companies did not make me trust that this was a company I wanted to work with.

What if I was a potential customer? I probably would have moved on as well, unless I was desperate to hire a company that paid so little attention to detail that it did not present itself consistently.

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