Look at All You've Accomplished

Do you ever feel like you’re accomplishing very little?


As this pandemic has dragged on, it’s easy to think we’re not accomplishing as much as we should. Maybe we feel like we’re watching too much television or spending too much time on social media.


You’re probably accomplishing more than you realize.


Do yourself a favor. The next time you feel like you’ve done nothing, take a look back at the last week, month, year. Look at everything you’ve delivered. Look at the time you’ve had to adjust to Zoom meetings. Look at the time you’ve had to take care of yourself. Look at the times you’ve exercised. Now look at the time you’ve spent taking care of your family. Each of these things is an accomplishment.


That’s not saying you should rest on your laurels; it’s just a reminder that this past year changed the life trajectory of many of us.


Now if you want to break the habit of television and social media? Sit and read a book or go for a walk.

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