So Much Experience

What are communicating when you say you have “X years of experience?” My guess is that you think that experience alone is your most valuable asset. Queue the loud buzzer sound telling you you’re wrong.


Here’s what you’re really communicating: that your thinking is fossilized. Spend a lot of time doing one thing and you get complacent and the work becomes routine, and then you’re running out the clock until you retire. Sure, you’ve got “experience” but has your industry passed you by while you’re crowing about your “experience?”


True, there are things we learn from experience, but “experience” itself does not mean those lessons have been learned. Think of it this way. I have over forty years’ experience in handwriting. Pretty impressive, eh? But my penmanship sucks. No one can read a word I write. Myself included.  My “experience” in handwriting doesn’t mean I’m good at it.


Instead of years of experience, let’s talk about the value you provide. If you value bad handwriting, I can certainly help you write an illegible letter with my many years of experience doing so.

Warm, friendly, professional voice talent specializing in corporate narration, explainer videos, and e-learning. Most projects are turned around within 24 hours from my studio. 





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