Helping Out

If you were in my neighborhood the other day, you might have seen two people pushing a mail truck. One of those people would be me. And no, we weren’t shaking our letter carrier down for still undelivered packages; the mail truck was stuck on the ice.


I had just returned from the store when I heard our letter carrier gunning the engine in front of the neighbor’s house and getting nowhere, its tires spinning. As I walked over to help, my neighbor had also come out of his house to start pushing. Together, with a few pushes, we got the truck unstuck.


Our letter carrier thanked us effusively, as did several people out walking their dogs. My neighbor fist-bumped me…which was weird because I haven’t fist-bumped anyone since before COVID.


I wasn’t looking for praise. If I didn’t help, someone else would have, or my neighbor might have pushed her off the ice eventually on his own. When you see an opportunity to help, just step in, it might make all the difference.

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