Are You a Source of Comfort Food?

Are you a source of comfort food for your clients and colleagues?


I don’t mean literally, of course. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “comfort food” is often high-calorie food people consume when stressed out. For me it’s pizza. Something about the combination of sauce, cheese, dough and whatever topping I put on it activates my happy feelings.


Why bring up comfort food? Here in the US, this past week has been pretty stressful. As well as this past year of dealing with a global pandemic. I’m willing to bet that great portions of comfort food were consumed, and even comfort media: TV shows, movies, or music. Whatever it takes to activate your happy feelings.


As a professional, I often ask myself how I can source of figurative comfort food to clients. I come away with: be reliable, be uncomplicated to work with, and leave good feelings behind. As an added bonus, working with me is a whole lot healthier than consuming a whole pizza, which is a sort of comfort in itself.

When you need a voiceover that sounds like a warm, friendly, professional conversation, I’m happy to help. With my own studio, I provide timely delivery, most often within 24 hours, helping you meet your deadlines.  





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