Interrupting the Flow

Less than an hour into the “back-from-winter-break” school day, my second-grader came around asking me to read to her. I had been in the flow of writing, and her question interrupted my flow. Why couldn’t she just get back to doing her schoolwork? I wondered.


I asked her to give me a minute, but the flow was gone. Over the break, she had become used to everyone in our family being available to play. Now, we were back to the routine.


As a voiceover talent, I should have been delighted that she wanted my services. But, as a voiceover talent, I also have to connect with clients.


She came back later after working on few assignments and having an online class meeting. She asked if we could play cards. So we did. Then she went to another class meeting, and I re-found my flow. As I was writing this, she came to me with a grin on her face, and a question: “Read-eee?” (her sweet way of asking me to read).


So, I opened up one of her favorite books, “Tyrannosaurus Wrecks” by Stuart Gibbs and picked up reading where we had last left off.


I could justify this time as practicing my craft. I could also justify it as time well spent.

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