Skip the Resolutions and Ask More Questions

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of 2020. If you want to make sure it’s gone for good, you’ll have keep looking over your shoulder until at least August. Just don’t use one of those rearview mirrors that reminds you that objects are closer than they appear.


But then, should we really forget 2020? Or is it beneficial to remember for the challenges this past year presented? In other words, how can we look back to 2020 to make a better 2021?


You could try New Year’s resolutions… but New Year’s resolutions are essentially worthless for three reasons. The first is that people are aware that resolutions are nonsense and don’t take them seriously. The second is that the resolutions themselves are often lofty ideals with no clear path to achievement. Saying you’re going to write a novel does not get the novel written. Making smaller commitment to writing every day, while not as bold, will eventually get the novel written. The third is that any day is a good day to evaluate how we can make our lives better. January 1 is no different than, say, June 24 when it comes to making positive change.


In that spirit, I’m not making any resolutions. Instead, I’m going with New Year’s questions. Asking questions leads to better understanding and ultimately better outcomes.  Here are some I plan to ask myself:


What can I learn today?

What can I do better?

How can I do it better?

What have I done to grow my business today?

What assumptions am I making?

What help can I offer someone else?

What’s one small, positive habit that I can develop?

What creative project can I explore?

What physical activity can I do today?

Is this food I’m eating healthy?

Is this news/article I’m sharing factually accurate?

Why am I sharing this piece of news/article?


Are there any that I’ve missed? If you’re making a resolution, best of success in making it achievable and actionable.  



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