No Holiday Cards This Year

What do you normally do during the Holidays that’s changed this year?


Every year I send physical Holiday cards to my clients. It’s one way to thank them for their business and wish them success in the coming year. I enjoy the process of putting together the mailings. I design the cards, and then set up a mini fulfillment center on my dining room table where sign them, stick them into envelopes, label them and affix the stamps. The whole process is a reminder that I have had the privilege of working with so many great people in my voiceover career.


This year, since I’m not sure how many people I’ve worked with are still going to their offices, I’ve decided to send an email greeting instead. It’s…just not the same.


It’s a small change…but one I plan to reverse next year.

When you need a voiceover that sounds like a warm, friendly, professional conversation, I’m happy to help. With my own studio, I provide timely delivery, most often within 24 hours, helping you meet your deadlines.  





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