Giving Thanks - 2016

Yes, I'm thankful for you
Yes, I'm thankful for you

Every Thanksgiving I find a lot to be thankful for: 


13 years since “I do,” and being married to someone who brings such thoughtfulness and joy into my life. 


That our house is full of music.


That my wife and my children all sing so beautifully.


That our 9-year-old appreciates the music of Hamilton, but still knows not to say the bad words in the songs. 


That our 3-year-old insists that “Kiss the Girl” (from the Little Mermaid) is “Kiss Tigger.” 


That the election is over. For now. Is it still too early to begin the 2020 campaign? 


Baseball. Major League, Little League and just playing catch. 


Rainbow Unicorns. Don't ask. 


That I get to make a living talking into a microphone. Seriously. I talk into a microphone. For. A. Living. 


My clients who appreciate the work I do for them. And then give me more work. 


It’s only an hour to Fenway Park from where I live. 


Vibrant New England Falls. 


Making up silly games, songs and dances with my family. 


Snuggling up with my daughter to read books, and then hearing her mimic my inflection and the voices I give to characters. 


Hearing my children play together. 


Spring peepers.


The quiet of a gentle snowfall. 


And a garage for when the snow is a bit heavier.


That I’ve still got so many ideas to explore. 


The hummingbirds that visit our porch in the summer. And the other birds, too: cardinals, woodpeckers, goldfinches, house finches, blue jays, chickadees, tufted titmice, and so on…


That our daughter asks deep and thoughtful questions about Ariel, the Little Mermaid. 




Drawing with our children. 


Our creative household. 


I hope you have lots to be thankful for also!



Happy Thanksgiving!

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