Some Lazy Resolution Setting

As we sit on the precipice of 2016, it’s time for that yearly exercise in goal setting - the New Year’s Resolution. Most resolutions never get realized; my assumption is that because we’re all worthless, lazy and weak-willed. Just kidding, my real assumption is that we focus on the end point rather than processes that will help us reach goals. Setting goals without the steps to achieve those goals is just wishful thinking - go buy a lottery ticket and wait for your fortune. It also helps to not be drunk when goal setting.

One resolution I have for the coming year is to grow my voiceover business. That’s all well and good, but I can’t do that if I don’t commit to:

  1. Adding contacts

  2. Attending 2-3 networking events

  3. Scheduled outreach to clients and prospects

  4. Continue to tweak and improve my recording studio


I also am looking at 2016 to not engage in politics on Facebook. I have many folks I'm connected to on social media that I politically disagree with because they’re ignorant jackasses. See how I was a troll in that last sentence - social media allows us to be trolls. Also, politics distracts from my business and other pursuits. I know where I stand on the issues and pretty much on the candidates. Distancing myself includes:

  1. Looking at social media less overall

  2. Hiding posts I find particularly egregious

  3. Reminding myself that social media is an echo-chamber


In 2016, I want to live healthier. This is a common resolution that will require me to continue to:

  1. Walk 12,000 steps/day

  2. Eat more fruits and veggies

  3. Eat fewer snack foods like crackers, chocolate, and ice cream

  4. Say no to  birthday cake



I also want to use 2016 to venture into other projects:

  1. Publish at least one blog post per month

  2. Start a podcast

  3. Publish my novel or children’s stories

  4. Or at least record audio versions of them

I hope you set some goals for yourself in 2016 also! Happy New Year!

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