What Can I Do?

After every terrorist attack, mass shooting, natural disaster, or any other senseless tragedy, I find myself asking what can I do to make the world a less cruel place? This week, I’ve been asking that question again, after the attacks in Paris. While I might not be in position to remove the threat of ISIS, there are ways I can make the world a less cruel place.

I can start with my family...being here to answer questions about the attacks, their safety, and the state of the world overall. I can spend time with my children to show them that the world can be kind as well as cruel.

I can give money... to charities that help those in need: victims of war or terrorism. I can donate to local charities that help those less fortunate than I.  

I can give time...I coach baseball, am the photographer for my son’s Cub Scout pack, and narrate audiobooks for Perkins School for the Blind. With three kids at home, I’ve got a lot on my plate already, but surely there is something more I can do...

I can create something beautiful...to share with the world. A song, a poem, a painting that expresses hope.

What can I do to make the world a less cruel place? is a question that transcends the needs of my business.

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