What Can I Do?

After every terrorist attack, mass shooting, natural disaster, or any other senseless tragedy, I find myself asking what can I do to make the world a less cruel place? This week, I’ve been asking that question again, after the attacks in Paris. While I might not be in position to remove the threat of ISIS, there are ways I can make the world a less cruel place.

I can start with my family...being here to answer questions about the attacks, their safety, and the state of the world overall. I can spend time with my children to show them that the world can be kind as well as cruel.

I can give money... to charities that help those in need: victims of war or terrorism. I can donate to local charities that help those less fortunate than I.  

I can give time...I coach baseball, am the photographer for my son’s Cub Scout pack, and narrate audiobooks for Perkins School for the Blind. With three kids at home, I’ve got a lot on my plate already, but surely there is something more I can do...

I can create something beautiful...to share with the world. A song, a poem, a painting that expresses hope.

What can I do to make the world a less cruel place? is a question that transcends the needs of my business.

A professional voice talent who helps clients deliver an emotional connection with friendliness, warmth and confidence. Chris can help with your commercials, narration, medical narration, audiobook, voicemail, corporate training, explainer video, or e-Learning module.







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