Back From Vacation

Some of our crab friends
Some of our crab friends

I had almost forgotten how important vacations are as it had been so long since I actually took one.  After getting back from some family time in the Outer Banks, I recognized that I had fallen into some unappealing ruts. Being on vacation with my family was a good reminder that some routines are just fallback positions, and that I can live without checking Twitter all day, or keeping up-to-date with all the latest baseball statistics. Most importantly, the microphone stayed in Massachusetts.


I spent some time on the beach and in the pool with my kids and various nieces and nephews. We played pool and chess. We scoured the beach for crabs at dusk. We admired sunsets. I spent some time reading an actual novel. I got precious time alone in the morning before the whole house woke up. We saw what appeared to be a squadron of pelicans flying over the beach. Kites were flown.


We ventured out into the waves despite the recent shark attacks. I figured that anyone with a boogie board was going to get eaten before me and sharks don’t really have a taste for human flesh anyway. At one point my nephew saw what he thought was a shark in the water – but cooler heads prevailed and we realized he had only seen a bird. The waves pounded me nearly senseless breaking over my head and chest.


When it was time to leave, it was time to leave. Now I’m glad to be back with my microphone.

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