Is Hamster Wheelin' Killing Your Creativity?

Is Hamster Wheelin' is killing your creativity?

Hamster Wheelin' is the time we spend killing time. It could be a menial, mundane tasks, performing the same inefficient task over and over again, endlessly monitoring social media (Facebook, Twitter), or just waiting for the clock to run out.

If you're Hamster Wheelin' there is no forward progress. You're Sisyphus and that stupid rock. The first couple of days it's not so bad - look! you got a rock up a hill! Accomplishment!  But then it settles in that every day it’s the same rock and the same hill, and pushing that rock is just activity for activity's sake, and the rock will be waiting for you tomorrow.

Some days you have to do the dirty work: invoicing, prospecting, cleaning up your database. Those things are all part of doing business. It's only Hamster Wheelin' when you’ve sucked yourself into an activity that prevents you or your business from growing (cat videos, anyone?)

So, how do you get off the wheel? The first step is to recognize that Hamster Wheelin’ does not bring out the best in you; it keeps you in place. Take a walk. Take a shower. Listen to a podcast. Call a friend. Volunteer your time. Anything to get you out of the rut you're in will put you in a different frame of mind and get you off the wheel.

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