Happy Holidays: Dreaming of a Wet Christmas

Some yummy holiday treats...
Some yummy holiday treats...

You might be dreaming of a white Christmas, and so will we here in Central/Eastern Massachusetts. The latest reports are that we will have a wet Christmas. I blame the meteorologists – they could at least find a way to get their heads together to bring us snow. It might actually be a good thing to not have snow should Santa bring my second grader a left-handed catcher’s mitt, but then I don’t imagine him wanting to play catch on a cold and rainy day.


I also don’t imagine him believing that Santa brought the mitt. Last year that same second grader was in first grade when he gave up the ghost on Santa. Logic, reason, and persistent demands for the truth finally won out. The school bus was where he first heard the rumor that Santa is not real; if you do not have children, the school bus is a rolling experiment in social Darwinism designed to crush the spirit and innocence of your children. It was traumatic for him to give up that belief.  In hindsight I should have said, “You can’t handle the truth!” but only I would have got the joke, and Jack Nicholson impressions are so overdone.  


In order to get over the trauma, he decided that he would pretend to believe in Santa for the benefit of his sister – who is now 21 months old. She still doesn’t grasp the concept that Santa brings presents to all the good boys and girls, makes lists, and has trained flying reindeer – although one of her favorite toys is a plush Rudolph whose nose no longer glows.  She thinks that ornaments are just bracelets that hang from the tree.


Next year, when she is two going on three, Santa will be real and magical. And when she demands the truth in a few years, I’ll hesitate before impersonating Jack Nicholson.  


Happy Holidays!

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    Z. Rider (Tuesday, 23 December 2014 22:38)

    I tried to bring snow with me when I came up to NH for vacation, but I heard it all stayed behind in TN. Sorry!

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