One Phrase That Loses Interest

When I see the phrase “Check out my…”, I grab the bridge of my nose and shake my head as I wonder why anyone would so easily telegraph their amateur status. Then I facepalm. This is often someone new to a LinkedIn group imploring group members to “check out my…” business venture, blog, website, demo tracks, photographs, tribute to the hair bands of the 1980s, investment opportunity, work from home scheme, or puddle dancing tips for rainy days.

I am not averse to “Checking out” what someone has to offer...if given an actual reason to do so. There is a big difference between “Check out my blog” and a link to an interesting blog post, such as: “6 Ways to Pine Needles Improve Your Voice.” I know which one I would click. If the only thing give me is “Check out my…” then I don’t have a reason to give you the five seconds to click and determine whether I have wasted my time. In other words: what is so interesting?

The answer is nothing, especially if the phrase “If interested” is added to “Check out my…” “If interested” only amplifies the notion that there is nothing of, well, interest. Strung together “If interested check out my…” doesn’t help you find an audience. It’s a hesitant fear of rejection, and you are communicating that you yourself think there may not be something of interest in your company page, collection of cat photos, or thoughts on the migratory habits of monarch butterflies.
Now, if you are interested in a voiceover talent who can…never mind!

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