Buying a Loser

I officially bought a losing Powerball ticket. Like almost everyone else, I have a 1 in 175,000,000 chance of being wrong about that. Based on that math, one would have to buy 17.5 million tickets for even a one percent chance of winning. Would you pay someone $35 million for the chance to guess a number from 1-100? If you would, you can send it to me, along with your guess.

Buying 10, 20, 100 tickets would not significantly increase my chance of winning $550 million, but it would increase my chance of having less money to spend over the Holidays. Santa Claus needs subsidies, you know.

And then, if you win, studies show it messes up your life regardless. Apparently having a lot of money come to you suddenly does not make you any better at managing it. I would likely fit into that category.

So, I gave $2 for the schools, or something like that.

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