Just Because You Love a Product....

“Ron’s Orange Juice?” the teacher asked skeptically.

I was taking a songwriting class in the summer between fourth and fifth grade and our assignment was to write a jingle. “Ron’s Orange Juice” is the product name I came up with. Ron sounded to me like a guy who could make orange juice, and I liked orange juice. Therefore, this was a product that would sell itself without any effort from me.

What ten-year-old me failed to realize is that not everyone sees the same intrinsic value in a product and that marketing depends on developing a connection. But, again, I was ten and not a natural marketer or copywriter.

If I were to revisit this assignment now and keep the product name “Ron’s Orange Juice,” “Ron” would be a farmer who loves oranges and wants to share the juice of his oranges with others.

Thankfully ten-year-old me is not in charge of marketing anything.

Now to write that jingle...

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