Minor Annoyances

Minor annoyances highlight how good we have it.

The power went out in my neighborhood yesterday morning.

It was after I normally make my morning coffee, but, ironically, on a day I decided I was going to make my coffee late. So, I picked up coffee at a coffee shop and got waffles for the kids at a local restaurant.

Aside from buying two cups of what turned out to be pretty awful coffee, the entire power outage was a minor inconvenience lasting less than two hours. If it had lasted another two hours, I might have made a run on toilet paper before the neighbors could get to it.

The experience was a reminder of how good I have it with access to conveniences. Also how much we rely on others to keep things running smoothly. The power company’s communication was vague, but the issue was handled quickly. The outage did not interrupt my recording schedule for the day, thankfully, and my laptop was sufficiently charged enough to keep working if the outage lasted longer.

Now, if only I could get the taste of this coffee out of my mouth.

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