Seventeen Questions - One for Each Victim

All too often we retreat to our default position in the wake of tragedy. Instead, maybe we can reflect on these seventeen questions - one for each victim that can no longer ask them:


1. When you heard about the shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, what was your reaction? (Nicholas Dworet)

2. What safeguards to your local schools have in place to prevent this kind of attack? (Jaime Guttenberg)

3. How would you respond if an armed gunman entered your place of employment/church/school? (Aaron Feis)

4. Which politician is most full of shit on guns, and why? (Alyssa Alhadeff)

5. Are thoughts and prayers have in the wake of a mass shooting useful, and why or why not? (Scott Beigel)

6. What is the purpose of an AR-15? (Meadow Pollack)

7. Had changes to firearm technology been anticipated, in what ways would the 2nd Amendment be written differently? (Christopher Hixon)

8. When is the right time to talk about guns? (Luke Hoyer)

9. When is discussing guns ever not political? (Carmen Schentrup)

10. When you say now is not the time for politics, what are you really saying about your comfort level with this topic? (Gina Montalto)

11. Are children’s lives a small price to pay for greater access to guns? (Alex Schachter)

12. Does popular culture fetshize/romanticize guns and why? (Peter Wang)

13. When the president says we need to focus on mental health, what does that entail? (Alaina Petty)

14. How do we create an environment where those with a predisposition to this type of attack are not able to carry it out? (Martin Duque Anguiano)

15. What is the benefit of the lack of research into the effects of gun violence? (Helena Ramsey)

16. Is the solution to gun violence simple or complex...and why? (Joaquin Oliver)

17. How do you know you’re not full of shit when it comes to discussing guns and gun safety? (Cara Loughran)


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