Running to Conquer Cancer

I may have a face for radio, but at least my head is covered...
I may have a face for radio, but at least my head is covered...

Sometimes, I do have to use my voice to plug products. It’s my actual job. 


In the spirit of fundraising, I’m raising funds to fight cancer. Specifically, I’m raising money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and running a 13.1 mile road race next month. 


Anyone who sponsors at least $1 will be entered into a drawing of absolutely no material value: you get to pick the baseball cap I wear on race day. You could pick the Red Sox, or even, gulp, the Mets. You could pick your alma mater, your favorite hockey team, or even, gulp, a camouflage hunting cap. You could even pick the hat I’m wearing in the photo. 



The only hats I will not wear are: those that cost more than $40 to buy, any hat promoting a politician or political agenda (e.g. no Make America Great Again) hats, no hats that could be construed as insulting. I hope that covers everything….


To donate:


Some ideas below: 

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