Send Holiday Cards


If you’re a freelance creative professional or small business and you haven’t you sent Holiday cards to your clients and customers, my question to you is WHY? Did you dedicate your free time to learning scrimshaw? Perhaps you were getting up-to-date on all the Star Wars movies before “The Force Awakens” opens? Or maybe your fantasy football team needed a couple of tweaks? If any of these are the case, just stop freelancing and find a job where somebody pays you to show up somewhere on time. If you were caught up in something more important such, as a health scare, then by all means give yourself a pass.

Holiday cards are sticky...they are proof to your clients, customers and friendly prospects that they are actually important to you. Following Harry Potter threads on Quora does not fall into that same category. Every year, I create a Holiday card and mail it (yes, an actual card, and, yes, snail mail) to my clients. This is my way of thanking the people who help sustain my business year over year, whether they’ve done one project with me, or request my services on a regular basis. Let me repeat: I mail my clients a Holiday card because they are important to me and sustain my business, and it is a way of thanking them.

There are several sites out there that have pre-designed Holiday cards. I created my own cards using Canva*, an online graphic design platform. I find Canva incredibly easy to use, cost effective (usually free or $1 for an image), and I can play around with designs until I get one I like.  I design my postcards and social media images in Canva also.

My card might be a little corny, but I wanted the message to be personal. I wanted it to reflect my passion for using my voice, whether it be as a snowman, narrating an e-learning course, or being the voice in an ad campaign. Now, go out and create your own card and show your customers that you are thinking about them this Holiday Season!


….and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!


*Just a side note: Canva has not paid for any promotional consideration in this blog. If they wanted to kick a few ducats my way for a voiceover project, I would not say no.

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